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People should not believe in claims that 5G Technology spreading COVID-19

People around the world including Papua New Guineans are being urged not to believe claims that the roll out of the 5G Technology is somehow responsible for the spread of COVID19 in PNG and around the world.

PNG Information and communication Minister Timothy MASIU says during the development of the 5 G technology there was extensive research and development by mobile service technology and equipment vendors.

He says they confirmed there are no harmful effects on human beings  from radiation associated with 5G technology

Masiu says during these times there will be a lot of conspiracy theories and people are being urged not to be easily misled.

He further reiterated that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that countries that already development the 5 G technology are spreading the virus

“I ask you to visit the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and WHO websites on the R&D findings” said Minister Masiu.

He also says that PNG is yet to consider the introduction of  5 technology in the country.

Last year Minister Maisu put a stop to any rollout of 5G plans and says no mobile operator in PNG is authorised to provide and rollout 5G services.


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