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Mity Meat Haus reveals online system

THE Mity Meat Haus is pleased to announce the launch of its online payment system with Bank South Pacific (BSP) in PNG. 
The gourmet butcher, baker and tasty burger maker, operating since 2012, has welcomed the new payment system that enables Meat Haus customers to order and now pay online through its website.
According to a statement from BSP, groceries ordered and paid for online would be packed and ready for collection or delivery to customers.
Food Pro PNG Ltd sales manager, Dorothy Kila said: “We have customers all over the country that love our products.
“Visitors from outside Port Moresby can also order online and call in to collect upon their arrival.
“We see a number of people who travel frequently and do not have time to shop.
“We want to be able to create an easy and more accessible platform for customers to be able order groceries for quick collection or delivery through our third party service provider, Go Foods.”
“We are excited and cannot wait to integrate all arms of the business through this platform.
“A retail experience at our shops is like no other in PNG and we are glad that we now can share this experience with even more customers nationwide.”
BSP digital general manager Nuni Kulu said: “BSP is expanding payment solutions for both customers and retailers in all sectors including small businesses, service providers and corporate businesses.
“Customers will adopt secure payments solutions that are accessible and will eventually reduce dependence on cash particularly in the urban centres.”

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