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Solar Computers Reach PNG market

 Solar Computers have now reached Papua New Guinea market.  Solar Computer dealer , BRIAN Bell has  announced the arrival of solar computer developed by Niwa Solar for the Papua New Guinea market.

Brian Bell’s trade electrical and chemicals divisional manager Peter Del Monte said the all-in-one package was now available at trade and electrical stores throughout the country.

“By bringing this innovative product to Papua New Guinea, Brian Bell Trade Electrical, along with our country’s businesses, strive to lead the digital revolution and bring value to all business sectors and homes across PNG,” he said.

Del Monte said the system was created with businesses in mind wanting to improve their work efficiencies.

“Without needing an UPS (uninterruptable power supply) to power the system, it has an 8-12 hour computer runtime every day for a boost in use per day,” he said.

“Also, the computer is equipped with features including Wifi, bluetooth, and Ethernet connection.”

All purchases of the product through Brian Bell Trade Electrical are backed by the Brian Bell warranty.” TheNational/PNGehow

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