Cheap Call Rates in PNG : Telikom PNG Yu Tok Moa Call Bundles

Telikom PNG has announced the cheap call rates called the Yu Tok Moa (You Talk More) Call bundles. Now you do not have to spend more on calls. Telikom PNG has the cheap call rates in the country at the moment. 

Telikom PNG  Yu Tok Moa  Call Bundles
Telikom PNG  Yu Tok Moa  Call Bundles 

  • Telikom PNG  Yu Tok Moa bundle.
What is the bundle consist of? Well, this bundle has day plan, weekly plan, fortnightly plan and monthly plan. 
         Plan                        Price                    Rates own network                     Rates on Other network 
  • Daily Plan              K 5                 Unlimited calls                                 15 Minutes  airtime  
  • Weekly Plan           K9                   Unlimited Calls                               30 minutes Airtime
  • 14 Days                 K16                  unlimited calls                                 60 minutes airtime
  • 30 days                  K26                  Unlimited calls                                100 minutes airtime
How it works?
Lets say , you subscribe for a week's plan and if you are making  calls within the telikom Bmobile network, the calls are unlimited. This means, you can make thousand calls and there is no end to it within the week.  
However, if you are making calls outside of Bmobile-Telikom network, you will do that for 30 minutes. Lets say, if you are making calls from Telikom to Digicel, you are given only 30 minutes airtime. 

The company says, call bundles also applies to Mobile numbers starting with (78,75,76,77) are included.

How to Subscribe to bundles.
Buy Telikom call cards (Rait Cards) . Scratch the silver cover off. Enter the numbers to top up your phone. Dial *777# to buy any of the above data bundles. Alternatively, you can subscribe online on the telikom Self care page. Here in URL: 

If you need  assistance on accessing the Selfcare portal, do not hesitate to contact their customer care on 3456789.

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