ICT Plays a Crucial Role in Commerce and Trade in Between PNG and Rest of the World

The last decade has seen the Government of PNG (GoPNG) pay closer attention to the information and communications technology (ICT) sector as an important enabler for economic and social development and for enhancing the competitiveness of domestic and international business affairs of the country. 

 ICT Plays a Crucial Role in Commerce and Trade in Between PNG and Rest of the World [Photo by PNGICTD]

The establishment of the ICT Roadmap in 2019 under the leadership of Minister of ICT, Honorable Timothy Masiu, has led to the formulation of key ICT policies to drive the digital transformation agenda in the country. 

The use of ICT in PNG has expanded rapidly with a rapidly growing number of Papua New Guineans having access to the Internet. 

Businesses in PNG, large and small, rely on ICT tools to conduct business locally or internationally. 

ICT makes businesses more efficient, effective, and respond promptly to customers' needs.

ICT can assist activities in industries including design, manufacturing, R&D, distribution and logistics, and sales.

While the private sector is moving fast and far ahead with the digital transformation, the public sector still lags behind.

Minister Masiu’s recent trip to Dubai for the Dubai 2020 Exposition signifies the Ministry of ICT’s strong commitment to building partnership with bilateral relationships that will drive forward the ICT sector in PNG, in line with the PNG ICT Sector Roadmap, established in 2019.


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