University of PNG Takes Step Towards Digital Transformation with Amazon Web Services

 The University of Papua New Guinea UPNG is taking steps towards Digital Transformation with Amazon Web Services.  

While a lot of attention was given to the Digital Transformation Officers’ Conference and Workshop hosted by the PNG Department of ICT, Business Council of PNG, and the University of Technology, Amazon Web Services (AWS) quietly delivered an extremely important technology event at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG).

University of PNG Takes Step Towards Digital Transformation with Amazon Web Services  [photo by DICT PNG]

The ‘Immersion Days' program organized by the AWS team through the UPNG allowed students from various educational institutions to have a hands-on experience using various tools, resources, and workshop contents developed by the AWS Solutions Architects.

Mr. Wilfred Amai, visiting lecturer at the UPNG - Physics Department and Coordinator of the UPNG-AWS Immersion Days Program said that the university aims to have 70 - 75% of its content online by 2025, for the purpose of online learning.

According to Mr. Amai, the AWS tools gave participating students from UPNG, UOG, PAU, and DWU the opportunity to use various resources available in the platform to build websites and learn to utilize various learning resources to assist with school projects.

Mr. Amai also mentioned that the program is the first in the country and the South Pacific and the participants are the first to have access to the world's most comprehensive, advanced, and broadly adopted cloud platform created by Amazon.

Aside from the participating students, the program had other industry participants also, thereby allowing them to learn how to best leverage the AWS platform to unlock business potential and meet key objectives in their industry.

Source : DICT / Tech Pacific

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