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Bmobile MOA Pack allows unlimited calls

 If you are looking for cheaper calls and internet, you should look no elsewhere, Bmobile is the mobile carrier  you may want to use. This is because BMOBILE customers can now make calls to any other bmobile numbers upon subscribing to any “moa pack”, according to the company.

The company said in a statement that by subscribing to a “moa pack”, customers could enjoy onnet calls between REDiSIM (75/76XX XXXX) and 4GLTE Blue SIM (78XX XXXX) numbers. Previously, onnet calls had only been available for REDiSIM to REDiSIM calls and 4GLTE Blue SIM to 4GLTE Blue SIM calls.

“As the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic become increasingly felt in PNG, bmobile understands the importance of minimising cost barriers so as to allow people to better communicate with their loved ones and access the latest news and information,” the company said.

“Providing unlimited onnet calls to our customers is one way of achieving this.

“As bmobile continues to carry out upgrades to its network, our customers can expect continued improvements in coverage and service.” The company also advised customers who were experiencing issues with the network to call the customer care centre for assistance.

But issues like  power outages, heavy rain, water and landowner issues, among others, may be the cause of the downtime in internet or causing congestion on the internet.

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